SmarTone announces “Be a SmarTizen” Digital Intelligence Programme: Enhancing digital intelligence for all in preparation for the 5G era

To tie in with the Safer Internet Day this year, SmarTone announces the launch of the “Be a SmarTizen” Digital Intelligence Programme. Through the Programme, we aspire for every citizen in Hong Kong to be a smart netizen. It covers not only launching the online one-stop information hub, but also hosting a series of fun and informative seminars and workshops, as well as organising the telecommunications industry’s first cross-generation eSports competition in Hong Kong to raise public awareness on digital intelligence, particularly in the preparation for the upcoming 5G era and a smarter life.

Ms Anna Yip, CEO of SmarTone, said, “While the 5G era is approaching, its high speed and enhanced network capacity will integrate with new technologies such as artificial intelligence to cause a leap forward for internet of things (IoT) development. It will enable more digital applications and bring major changes to our daily lives. People are looking forward to higher internet accessibility in order to achieve a smarter life. As the leading mobile network operator, SmarTone has been actively deploying 5G. With this, it is necessary to empower the general public with the knowledge of digital intelligence in order to prepare for the new era of digitalisation. As the industry pioneer, we will shoulder the mission of helping the public become smarter and more secure digital citizens through the ‘Be a SmarTizen’ programme and a series of activities. As a result, people will be able to improve their living standard with smarter use of technology as well as become better prepared for any cybersecurity challenges moving forward.”

“Be a SmarTizen” online one-stop information hub ( is officially launched today and it consists of a wide range of information to cater for diverse needs of different segments, including cybersecurity tips; insights shared by school principals, parenting celebrities and influencers via regular columns discussing digital intelligence and trending topics from multiple perspectives; and recommendations on smart living apps. The hub’s engaging and informative content will be constantly updated so that the public can build a better understanding of digital life in a positive manner, giving them a more vivid and holistic lifestyle in the digital era.

Apart from providing comprehensive information online, the “Be a SmarTizen” programme also offers a series of highlighted activities that empower the public to better understand digital intelligence through multiple channels. These include the exciting kick-off activities below:

Competitions and experiential activities

● Telecommunications industry’s first “Cross-generation eSports Competition” – Gaming is not necessarily a ‘bad thing’. eSports is trending and we aim to foster intergenerational-communication through technology by opening a competition category for families. This initiative helps encourage communications and strengthen relationships between the elderly community, their sons and daughters, and grandchildren.

● SmarTone 5G Innovation Hub – Through the partnership with Formula Square, a start-up of the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks, the SmarTone 5G Innovation Hub is a cross-industry collaboration initiative to showcase the latest 5G technologies, such as the 5G-connected robotic arm coffee machine and 5G eMotorSports. General public is welcome to visit the 5G Innovation Hub to strengthen the young generation’s understanding of 5G technologies and encourage start-ups to continue their innovations, promoting the development of the 5G ecosystem.

Seminars and workshops

● “Andrew Sir 5G Cybersecurity Workshop” – SmarTone information security expert Andrew Sir regularly shares cybersecurity tips as well as useful applications and tools to protect against cybersecurity issues such as handling spam calls and personal data leakage. To help customers better equip themselves for the cybersecurity challenges brought by 5G, the workshops also cover topics around mobile phones addiction, excessive information sharing for children, and the risks of leaving your digital footprint online.

● Star guest seminars – Industry key opinion leaders and star guest speakers are invited to share their insights into the latest internet trends. For instance, Principal Chu Tsz-wing, who promotes injecting technology into education, will share about happy learning and technology; online influencers will share how to manage cyberbullying, so as to instill the proper concept of digital citizenship.

Partnership with NGOs to raise public awareness on digital intelligence

● Partnering with different organizations such as the “Girls Go Tech Programme” of The Women’s Foundation to enable more female students from local secondary schools to get acquainted with technology and coding; Save the Children Hong Kong to equip parents with knowledge and skills to protect their children online; as well as Happy Retired and WebOrganic to conduct a series of mobile applications and cybersecurity workshops for “60+” and others across society.

In a time when everyone is always holding a phone in their hands, the demand for mobile data will only increase. As a market-leading mobile network operator, SmarTone has been committed to providing a full range of service plans and value-added services to cater to the needs of different age groups of customers to make them feel more secure while surfing the Internet:

● The innovative “Viva 60+” plan – According to statistics from the Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department, mobile penetration amongst the elderly (over 60 years old population) is 40% and growing. SmarTone’s latest data service plan is designed for people who are over 60 years old, offering them a series of tailored experiences for free to help seniors who are active in their social circles learn how to use mobile technology. For example, an in-store session called “My Viva 60+ Hours” is designed to answer all kinds of customer questions related to mobile technology as well as offer a series of workshops introducing mobile usage tips. It also offers health check discounts and the Call Guard app services.

● New SmarT Cyber Protection Combo – According to statistics from SmarTone, young people use their online data mostly for social media, streaming music and videos and playing mobile games. More than 60% of interviewed parents hoped to monitor their children’s online surfing habits through mobile apps, especially in regard to screen time management, location tracking and filtering inappropriate content. However, due to limited knowledge, less than 30% have been able to take relevant measures. SmarTone is now offering a limited time half price discount at $34 for SmarT Cyber Protection Comprehensive Family Combo (original price at $68) or $15 for Norton Security & Norton Secure VPN (original price at $30) within contract period. These offer parents with various parental control functions to safeguard their kids online, including detection of unsafe links from social media and email; screen time management for kids, tracking their locations and locking their devices instantly and remotely; filtering unsafe web/video content, etc.

With the introduction of 5G services, related IoT applications will become more popular. Digital products and services are expected to become an even more essential part of our daily lives. Through proper understanding and utilization, this new technology will bring boundless possibilities for fun and entertainment to our digital lives. Everyone can be a smart and intelligent SmarTizen.