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Show and Tell at MakerHive. Makers share their Stories

Co-organized by Jumpstart Magazine and MakerHive, “Show and Tell” premiered as Hong Kong’s first such event with makers of all kinds sharing stories about their work. Indira writes about her
Hong Kong has emerged as one of the front runners of the global startup eco-system. Startups that are the next generation of technology and innovation, giving us a periscope to look at a whole new world we are evolving into. The beauty of it all however lies in the way it has enabled so many people realize their potential and has given them a platform to do what they know best. This energy is giving rise to businesses based majorly on creativity and art.

As the Maker Movement is creating new waves across the globe, Hong Kong has its share of stories that have filled the already excited city with a breath of fresh air. It is not every day that I get to interact in person with the creative geniuses who have turned their art and ability to ‘make’ into an innovative business. So I jumped at the opportunity to attend Maker Hive’s Show and Tell and here are the inspiring stories I came across:

Paper Play

© Paper Play

Julie, a banker turned florist came up with the idea of making paper flowers after a fun summer spent with her niece. They learnt how to make paper flower bouquets which were appreciated by family. Later when she found those flowers still decorating the dinner table in her sister’s home in Australia, Julie got the whiff of opportunity that lied in these flowers.

We know the artificial flowers that look far from decorative, but Julie’s magic hands create something that that is hard to believe are not real flowers. PaperPlay was launched this year in June, and is already popular with major projects coming from brides who want to recreate their wedding bouquets and let the essence of their special day stay with them forever. Julie, who was always creative says it gives special meaning to the flowers when she works on projects that are so personal and have such emotional value for her clients.

PaperPlay surely has a great future and Julie is having a great time with her new found love. Right now she is busy conducting workshops and making beautiful flowers for everyone.

You can find her on Instagram @paperplay_design and be hooked to the gorgeous pictures.

Lost Property

© Lost Property

Jemima, a textile designer from Australia, moved to Hong Kong and founded Lost Property. She was inspired by a visit to Sham Shui Po markets – where you can find almost everything.

It started off from sourcing material to various clients across the globe and then one day, as she saw yards of ropes and other material being thrown away by factories as waste, she saw another opportunity. She started by making decorative rope bowls and now sells beautiful DIY kits of similar home products via Etsy.

Creativity has no bounds for her as she jumps from one project to another. Now she is working on making beautiful bed linen using the traditional Japanese dying method called Shibori. The indigo dye patterns that are stunning, will give a complete makeover to your home.

You can find her on facebook @ lostpropertyhongkong or on Instagram @lost_property_hk


Carol wanted to gift something handmade to her family last Christmas, so she bought some faux fur to make

© Cufffs

cuffs for boots. A simple yet elegant idea. Then as she walked down the streets of London on her visit back home, with her hand made cuffs on her boots, the compliments just kept coming. With a background in market research, the curiousness of strangers towards her pretty boot cuffs got her intrigued and hence Cufffs was found.

Carol now has employed a group of women at a social enterprise factory in Hong Kong who stitch these cuffs for her. These cuffs are pretty and add a warm bold statement to plain old boots. Carol explains as we women can never have enough pair of shoes, it’s also a smart way of giving a new look to your boots every day, matching them to your dress!

You can find Cufffs on Instagram @cufffs or at cufffs.com

Rattan Dice

© Jackie Luk

Jackie has a heart of true artist that can see beauty in everything. An architect and furniture designer by profession, she was intrigued by the old gandpa chairs that we no longer think are worthy of being a part of our elegantly designed homes.

Rattan is a species of palm trees widely found in Africa, Asia and Australia. The wood from rattan tree is used to make strands that can then be weaved into furniture. With the idea of giving Rattan a modern look, Jackie developed a design that is bold and beautiful.

Rattan woven over a wood frame is simple and beautiful piece of furniture. Its modern yet reminiscent of past, and its this balance of old and new that makes it so desirable.

You can find her work on jackieluk.com

Angee W


Often our travels inspire us, but the way in which a short trip to Japan gave way to a simple yet beautiful idea is just eloquent. Vincy and her husband came back from Japan with memories and knowledge of Obi, the belt that goes around the waist in traditional kimono. These Obi’s have different patterns on them and each pattern had a specific meaning, a way of wishing health, prosperity etc to the wearer. As kimonos are out of the daily lives of Japanese people, some vintage shops carry old, beautiful Obis that are not worn by anyone anymore. Vincy has given new life to them by making beautiful clutches out of the Obi cloth.

The project started as something that would help Vincy’s mother stay occupied after retirement. With her knowledge and skill, having worked all her life in the garment industry, Vincy’s mother made one purse for her daughter for a special occasion, which they later sold on Etsy and realized that this could be something they could work on. Six years later, the business is doing great and spreading smiles to the proud owners of these beautiful pieces of art.

The creativity does not end here. The latest addition is an inner lining of the purse with a digitally printed Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 9.52.16 AMimage on it. Vincy says that the emotions associated is what drives their creativity. Being a part of something that holds such emotional value is truly special feeling. With customization of adding a picture inside the clutch, makes every one of them much more personal and unique.

Vincy’s purses are a huge hit with brides-to-be. Production now takes place both in HK and Toronto, while the Obis are still sourced from vintage shops in Japan.

You can visit them at angeew.com and checkout the beautiful clutches on Instagram @angee_w

Apparatus 3D

Jon Buford, a well-known pioneer of the startup scene in Hong Kong launched his new project, Apparatus 3D. Apparatus is a compact and budget-friendly 3D Printer that will soon be launched in various markets across the globe.

3D Printing

Bill Gates once said, “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job, because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” This seems to be the inspiration behind this ingenious product!

Have you ever faced difficulty while parking your car, where the parking ticket machine was far out of reach (or worse, was on the other side) and you had to step out of your car, punch the card, return back and drive off? Did you ever think that someone out there was working on an idea to make your life even easier? Yes! Now you can buy a device that is exactly like a selfie stick with a card holder at the other end (rather than your phone) and all you need to do is extend the stick and punch the card, without getting out of your seat.

You might want to giggle at this idea, but aren’t we all looking for shortcuts and ways to make life simpler? This product surely does that!

By Indrakshi Wangu

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