Founded in 2017, ShiftCam develops professional-level photography equipment for mobile phones to bring out the “phone-tographer” in all of us. Aiming to provide “the most seamless transition from your smartphone to a professional camera,” the brand differentiates itself from other mobile lenses on the market with premium materials and a sleek, ergonomic design–winning the company a 2018 Red Dot Award. 

We tested The Complete Prolens and Travel Kit, which comes in a handy carrying case that allows everything to be nestled nicely inside. It includes a Travel Lens Set and six full-sized lenses, including the Pro Fisheye, Pro Long Range Macro, Pro Traditional Macro, Pro Telephoto, and Pro Wide Angle. 

They differ from your traditional clip-on mobile lens in that each lens attaches to a phone case that comes with the kit. The slide-and-click design makes it easy to swap lenses securely.

The lenses are incredibly high-quality, both in terms of construction and the photos they produce. The Pro Wide Angle takes photos with little distortion and the macro lenses are impressive in mimicking the effect you would get with a DSLR.

I especially love the grainy, analog-vibe of the photos and the satisfying magnetic closure of the lens caps. The Travel Lens Set (pictured on the top right), which has six small lenses, is the most convenient to use and also produces excellent photos. 

Mobile photography lenses are must-haves for photography enthusiasts, but ShiftCam’s unique positioning makes it appropriate for more serious photographers too. For influencers who take photos day-in and day-out, this gadget is pretty much a no-brainer. 

Retailing at US$399, The Complete Prolens and Travel Kit is an investment. Those who are hesitant to make the jump can try one lens to start, where prices start at $29. 

ShiftCam products are available on their website, among other e-tailers, and the lenses are currently compatible with iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS,  iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 8/8 Plus, with more models to come, including non-iPhone models this month. –MC