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Sharing Economy in Hong Kong

The concept of sharing economy refers to sharing goods or services in order to achieve optimal utilization of resources. It’s a more efficient and environmentally friendly way to handle resources in growing cities, particularly where space is a challenge, which is certainly the case in Hong Kong. In the past couple of year’s we are seeing popularization of sharing economy startups like Uber and Airbnb and Hong Kong’s own sharing economy is starting to take-off as well. Here is list of current sharing economy startups and small businesses in Hong Kong. Rent-a-Suitcase – Never buy a suitcase again!

Rent-a-Suitcase, provide travel supplies rental service to the busy “urbaners” , embodied the cost-saving, environmentally-friendly and, most importantly, space-saving way of travelling. As space has become tremendously costly in Hong Kong, storing a large suitcase at home that would only be used for once or twice a year has become a burden for many families. With Rent-a-Suitcase, travelers can simply reserve for their travel supplies, pick up when they needed, and even customize different gears for every destination.

GoGoVan – Vans for all your delivery needs.

GoGoVan is Uber for delivery vans. Noticing the inconvenience of the traditional van calling service in Hong Kong, GoGoVan founders decided to build a location-based P2P mobile application target to match delivery van users and van drivers.

EasyVan – Another Van Finder Company

EasyVan (aka:lalamove) is a last-minute intra-city delivery technology in Asia. Through its mobile & desktop platform, lalamove connects customers with professional van, motorcycle, lorry and truck drivers.

Carshare – Rent a Car from your Neighbors

In Hong Kong, where public transportation is extremely convenient, cars are mostly underutilized. Carshare’s platform serves as a tool to match unused cars with occasional drivers, and encourages a better utilization of resources.

Carwash – Get your Car Washed (in Chinese)

Carwash is a location-based P2P mobile app that connects cars need to be washed and individual carwashers who lives near your neighborhood. Car owners can enjoy on-demand carwash service provide by professional carwashers trained by the app. The app also hires retired elderly as carwashers giving them opportunities to earn extra income.

Gaifong App – Share Stuff with Neighbors

Gaifong (‘neighbor’ in Cantonese) is a new location-based P2P mobile app in Hong Kong, that allows users to share resources with friends and neighbors, rather than buy everything you need from the stores. It’s now available in English and has 8,000 members sharing 2,500 items.

ECRent – Rental Marketplace

ECRent is a web-based P2P rental marketplace for services and items. The platform work in directory style as a mean to link rental items or service providers with the potential renters or users. You can rent anything from cars to trade show goods.

Trade Duck – Swap and Giveaway Stuff (in Chinese)

Trade Duck allow users to swap unused items with requested items or giveaway free items. The platform made bartering easier, and therefore minimize wastage in the community.

Free Sth – Giveaway Unwanted Stuff (in Chinese)

Free Sth is a P2P resource sharing platform available in web and app, which allow users to give out unwanted resources for free. Free Sth focuses on reduce and reuse more so than recycle, and advocates a minimalist lifestyle.

Hong Kong Really Really Free Market – Free Free Free! (in Chinese)

A Cantonese-only Facebook page “its objective is to build a community based on sharing resources, caring for one another and improving the collective lives of all. Participants bring unneeded items, clothes, books, skills and talents such as massaging or haircuts. RRFMs are usually held at easily accessible places like public parks or community commons..” (source: CollaborativeConsumption)

Hong Kong Free Stuff – Facebook Group for 100% free stuff

Yeechoo – Rent a Dress!

Yeechoo rents out designer dresses and accessories to partygoers or brides. With less than ⅕ of the retail price, ladies are able to choose from a variety of evening gown and accessories for their events, so that they can look stunning with an affordable price.

Business Barter Hong Kong – Business Owners Helping Each Other

Trade products and services with fellow small business and startup business owners. Past exchanges included photography services for PR; kids clothes for Photoshop skills; WordPress consulting for Indian food.

Global Shared Economy Startups making their home in Hong Kong include Airbnb and Uber.

by Rachel Cheung @Rentasuitcase

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