Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Revolutionary Graduate Placement Website, Quimojo Goes Live

Quimojo provides the first portal focused on graduate placement that enables employers to search, connect, chat, and video interview candidates from colleges and universities around the world, all from within a single platform.
Bringing new ideas to the table.

This is exactly what happened when Quimojo Co-Founder, Dean Owen decided to call it quits on a two-decade career in Financial Services. In 2012 during his tenure as the China head for a major Global Brokerage, Owen was approached by Dr. Mark Holder, who was looking to place some of his MSc. Financial Engineering students in internships in Financial Services. Owen’s firm employed a number of interns and Owen also helped them to subsequently secure full-time positions after graduation. Word got out amongst the college class and Owen began to receive advances from students looking for help and guidance in their careers. It was then that Owen realized how desperate the situation was for highly educated young graduates looking to start their careers. Owen saw that it was the students who had to go out and find jobs themselves, often lacking guidance, and resources to do so successfully. This was the genesis of an idea to enable employers to search for graduates using a filter type search engine.

Quimojo developed out of a determination to solve a problem; how can, for example, a medium sized business located in a second tier city in China and looking to develop a global business, source talent from top schools around the world? “We knew that by focusing on less experienced hires, building a filter system type search engine would not be as complex as if we were to focus on seasoned professionals” says Holder.

“We wanted to build a graduate supermarket so to speak,” says Holder.

“Our goal was to bring efficiency to the process of matching job openings with qualified candidates” says Owen, “and one way was to introduce a video interview feature which enabled companies to conduct an online face-to-face interview where arranging for the candidate to actually come in may be logistically challenging”.

By automating the matching process, Quimojo eliminates the costs associated with having a third party agency screen candidates on behalf of employers. Employers can register for free and start searching right away by specifying requirements such as degree type or lingual skills. The search results show basic profiles of candidates ranked according to percentage match. If a candidate warrants a further view, the employer can request to view the candidate’s full profile including contact details and uploaded resume. Employers will need to authorize a pre-payment of US$50.00 but will only be charged if the candidate grants permission to view their full profile.

Once a candidate accepts the request to view their full profile, both parties are connected. The employer can then chat to the candidate using QM Chat, schedule a Video Interview, or connect using the contact details provided. There are no other costs to using Quimojo even if the contact results in a successful hire. “Already, our pricing model is significantly lower than most other solutions offered in the recruitment industry”.

“We realize that we may be turning the recruitment industry on its head a little by asking employers to perform the search themselves” says Owen, “but we believe that what we have built will become a blueprint for online recruitment models in the years to come.”

Quimojo aims to be the single largest searchable database of graduate job seekers, a spot they see as currently vacant.


Ilaria Santini

Public Relations and Marketing

Quimojo Ltd


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