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  Written by Annie LUI On Ni | 20 Dec 2019   What is Venture Capital?   Venture capital was developed by Harvard Business School professor Georges Doriot after the Second World War. It is a subset of private equity and a type of financing that investors, investment banks or other financial institutions provide to

By Sabrina Wang   ISKANDAR Malaysia - START Malaysia, formerly Startupjohor, is joining forces with Southeast Asia’s popular tech and business news source, Techsauce Media Thailand, to bring BASE Conference 2020 (BaseConf 2020) to this side of Asia on January 15 to 16, 2020.   Iskandar Malaysia Studios in Iskandar Puteri will play host

By Nayantara Bhat   November 27 - 30, 2019   FACTORY Phnom Penh, Cambodia   Seedstars World, a global pitch competition for startups in emerging markets, held its last Asia competition of the year in Cambodia, bringing together early-stage companies, investors, and mentors from over 15 countries.    The three-day program kicked off with a startup bootcamp on

By Andrew Work | There were those who thought computers would be a niche product for elite research only, and the Internet nothing more than chatrooms for socially maladjusted geeks. And so it is with blockchain. People focused on Bitcoin’s rollercoaster valuation ride are completely missing the point. It’s like discussing the merits

By Bay McLaughlin| Brinc Invests in and helps to build connected hardware companies from around the world. Best known for our accelerator programs, we look for Founders who want to solve problems that pertain to How We Feel, Where We Live, What We Eat, and How We Move. The future of the

By Bay Mclaughlin | In honor of this edition of Jumpstart being about TravelTech, I’m going to share one of our biggest secrets at Brinc

By Matt James | The best thing about my job as Senior Manager, Corporate Strategy and Business Development in Asia Pacific for Amadeus –  the leading provider of IT solutions to the global tourism and travel industry – is discovering exciting and innovative ideas that will change and shape the

By Daryl Arnold | The number of older adults living alone in Singapore will grow to 83,000 by 2030, and currently 60% of injuries sustained by older adults occur in their homes – that is a frightening statistic. The aging population and growing chronic illness incidents are further straining the

By Babita & Melinda | IF YOU ARE LOOKING to start up a business in Singapore, the phrase “work pass” will soon become second nature to you. A work pass is essentially a temporary residency scheme allowing foreigners and their immediate family to relocate to Singapore. All applications for work passes to

By Nayantara Bhat | Seychelles-based cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform BitMEX made headlines in June for recording over 1 million Bitcoins traded in the space of 24 hours. Now, trading volumes on the platform are regularly crossing US$4 billion per day.CEO Arthur Hayes runs the company alongside CTO Samuel Reed and CSO Ben

By Kathy Gong | Evolution obeys the laws of nature, yet revolution follows human intentions. In the context of natural laws, it is the fundamental building blocks such as quarks (or particles even smaller, yet to be discovered) out of which we – and everything around us – are made. What

“Building awareness for our website” – Anang Rofandy,, Indonesia “I should have brought a teammate with me, I am the only one here to man my stall. Also, the importance of connecting beforehand with someone local to help with translation.” – Bilal Khalifeh, InsideJob Management JLT, UAE “Networking opportunities not just

Uber CEO, Travis Kalanick, just resigned from his post under the pressure of Uber's major investors. According to New York Times, Uber’s major investors demanded that the CEO step down. The investors included one of Uber’s biggest shareholders, the VC firm Benchmark. Over the year, Uber faced numerous scandals, including sexual harassments

Jumpstart Magazine is excited to announce a two-week startup bootcamp for 8 to 12-year-olds. The program will be held at Paperclip Startup Campus in Sheung Wan, Monday to Friday, July 11 - 22, from 10am - 1pm. This hands-on program is intended to inspire kids to launch a business, guiding

By Shona Yang | The Australian Federal Government will trial a new skill-based visa scheme this year to attract global talent and promote innovation. Set to pilot July 1, the Global Talent visa scheme will provide Australian-based businesses with the option to sponsor visas for skilled and experienced individuals. Most notably, the

By Nayantara Bhat | Balancing business and family can be a challenging proposition. Corporate events clash with school plays. Important calls with overseas clients take away from downtime with the spouse. The hectic work week can leave very little time for unwinding and enjoying some alone time. Prospect Resourcing Co-Founder Emma

Thanks to everyone who entered the Caption Contest #5. We received so many awesome entries! Scroll down to see the winning and notable entries. And stay tuned for the next caption contest in the mid-July issue of Jumpstart magazine (see page 29). To sponsor our next caption contest contact our team.   Winning Entry: "Cloud based computing

By Nayantara Bhat | It’s annoying to check out a pair of shoes on an e-commerce platform and then have the shoes follow you from Google searches to ads on Facebook and Instagram. Much of digital marketing in past two decades has been defined by cookies and programmatic advertising – using software

By Magnus Grimeland| Antler is a startup generator focused on investing in people, rather than in ideas or specific categories of products and services. To that effect, we are industry agnostic and believe in empowering people who have the right skillset, drive and tenacity by

Lessons that only startups can teach   By Peyton Ong | The rise of tech giants is proof that startups are just as, if not more capable than corporates when it comes to disrupting industries. While corporate leaders are aware of the need to keep up with the pace of such developments,

By Adam Chan | Marvoto’s M1 fetus camera is the world’s first handheld 3D ultrasound device that lets the pregnant mother take photos of her fetus anytime and anywhere, and to record the first smile of life. The mini-size M1 works with an app, and is very easy to use. Marvoto’s

By David Nagrosst | Not every crime writer is a criminal, said Lionel Shriver, nor is every author who writes on sexual assault a rapist. “Fiction, by its very nature is fake.” Yet how many of us query, question and judge when confronted by blogs, images, videos on our feed, on our

By Maxine Ryan | Even with bitcoin’s popularity, the cryptocurrency is being replaced or not considered at all by payment businesses seeking to use blockchain technology. My company Bitspark – a cash-in, cash-out blockchain remittance platform – announced its surprising switch to next-generation blockchain Bitshares late last year after experiencing high

By Cal Wong | Blockchain companies have dazzled the mass markets with reports of mega-fundraising efforts. Uncertainty, volatility and infinite possibilities have fuelled the roughly 685 successful Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) in 2018. From January to July, the total market capitalisation of ICOs alone amounted to US$17,489,068,062. With dizzying figures like these,

Attention all Rule Breakers, Game Changers and Dream Makers. Revolving around the theme “Re-Imagining Realities: Discover, Transform and Innovate.”, The GITEX Technology Week is returning for its 37th edition. Conferences with over 150 speakers, mentor clinics, and product demo sessions are on the agenda, the week is expected to be intensive and engaging. The week

What is it like to jump into the unknown? Should you leave your corporate career? Do you dare to start off from scratch? How do you get back on your feet and try all over again, after your last venture did not turn out to be the big success you

By Quách Toàn Long | Startups from around the world gathered March 7-8 at Riverside Palace in Ho Chi Minh City for Vietnam Blockchain Week, the country’s first major blockchain conference. This two-day event for learning and networking with senior executives, policymakers, and key opinion leaders featured 60+ topics and

By Alex Lawson | Budgeting is one of the most significant areas of stress for any company, and the management team often bears the brunt of worry and frustration. Budgeting pitfalls are very common, especially for startups, as the owners are still figuring out the best money management strategies. Improving

By Divina Samtani | Despite raising US$9 million last August, Hong Kong-based dockless bicycle rental startup has quickly withdrawn from the highly competitive and growing industry that is estimated will be worth US$3.6 billion by 2020. started operating in April 2017, but on July 10 announced on Facebook that it would