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MobiJuce™ Powers Up At Chow Tai Fook Experience Shop

May 16, 2018, Hong Kong – MobiJuce™, a digital lifestyle brand, unveils the design of its JuceBox dedicated to leading jewelry retailer Chow Tai Fook Experience Shop. Chow Tai Fook customers and MobiJuce™ users can enjoy Hong Kong’s first and largest shared platform for mobile chargers at five Chow Tai Fook Experience Shops. Now people can enjoy their shopping experience without ever worrying about their phones without power.

MobiJuce Limited Founder and CEO Alexis Wong says: “We are delighted the MobiJuce™ community extends to a luxury jeweler. Our intelligent solution enhances customer experience and traffic, with MobiJuce™ App, young and digital-savvy consumers can discover the Jucebox locations at Chow Tai Fook Experience Shops before they actually enter the physical store.”

“When MobiJuce™ App users search fora JuceBox to rent a JucePac (power bank), they will see Chow Tai Fook Experience Shops on their phone screens, as well as other JuceBox locations,” Ms. Wong explains.

The customized JuceBox is dressed in rose gold color with a matching pedestal. Each JuceBox is equipped with 16 slots for JucePac rental and return. MobiJuce™ App indicates locations of the JuceBox, the available number of JucePacs and their types, in real-time.

The new JuceBoxes are now in service at Chow Tai Fook Experience Shops located at APM in Kwun Tong, Festive Walk in Kowloon Tong, Metroplaza in Kwai Fong, Panda Place in Tsuen Wan, and Yoho Mall in Yuen Long.

About MobiJuce™ MobiJuce™ is a lifestyle brand in the digital age, leading a smart and intelligent consumer trend. In November 2017, MobiJuce Limited introduced a fully automated mobile charger rental service to Hong Kong for the first time. The concept of the Internet of Things allows consumers to enjoy convenient, mobile and rapid mobile re-charging solution on a shared platform, thanks to the clouds technologies. The slogan ‘Juce Up Your Life’ emphasizes on connecting consumers to retailers with their daily needs and developing a user-oriented shared economy. MobiJuce™ realizes a platform of smart living, a network of people, commerce, products, and flow while driving footfalls to the physical stores.

MobiJuce™ Expands its Territory At the time of this release, MobiJuce™ is located across Hong Kong, Kowloon, and the New Territories. At Yoho Mall, there are 4 JuceBoxes in service at various retailers including Chow Tai Fook Experience Shops. Other popular MobiJuce™  locations include K11 in Tsim Sha Tsui, Grand Plaza and Gala Place in Mongkok, and California Tower and Landmark in Central.

Member Referral Program When MobiJuce™ registered members refer their friends to join the user community, they can enjoy 7 full-day JucePac rentals for free. A referral code is generated by the MobiJuce™ App when members invite their friends to download and register to become a user. A free rental coupon will be activated on the inviting member’s account when their invitees start using the rental service.

About MobiJuce™ App, JucePac, and JuceBox Once installed and registered MobiJuce™ App, mobile users can search the locations of nearby JuceBox kiosk. Scan the QR code on the JuceBox with MobiJuce™ App, users can choose to rent the appropriate JucePac. Three different types of JucePac are compatible with iPhone lightning, micro-USB, and USB-C connector. Each fully charged JucePac has a capacity of 4,000mAh. Users can rent and return JucePac at any JuceBox nearby them. MobiJuce™ technology ensures each JucePac is fully charged when being rented. Charging, renting and returning of JucePac is completely automated.  MobiJuce™ App is a communication platform that enables self-service. The process of renting and returning is usually completed within seconds.

JucePac Rental Fees Rental rate of JucePac is at HK$2 per 30 minutes, capped at HK$20 per day. To enjoy free deposit rental, users will have to add credit card details on MobiJuce™ App. A charge of HK$129 will be deduced from the Wallet when a JucePac rental period exceeds over 72 hours. MobiJuce™ App supports payment methods of Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and Apple Pay. A top-up amount of HK$149 is required for PayPal and Apple Pay when begins rental service.

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