Thursday, April 2, 2020

mininch Xcissor Pen

By Min Chen


Founded in 2014, mininch is a Taiwanese industrial design company that makes simple and compact tools to provide elegant solutions for everyday tasks and fixes. The founding team is made up of experienced designers who have won awards including the 2013 iF Product Design Award and the 2012 Red Dot Design Concept Award.


mininch’s most popular product, the Tool Pen, is inspired by the ‘pop-a-point’ pencils from millennial childhoods. It includes 13 different screwdriver bits that can be swapped out by removing the bit at the front and pushing it into the hole in the back to reveal a new bit. Effectively a portable toolkit of screwdrivers, the Tool Pen raised more than 35 times its Kickstarter goal of US$7,000.


We tested mininch’s Xcissor Pen, which is simply a pen with a scissor attachment at the end. While the concept is straightforward, the mininch team executed it beautifully. It’s heavy, comfortable to hold, and the scissors are of high quality. The full set also comes with an art knife, which can replace the pen attachment. We can see this tool as being especially useful for architects or product designers.


Is this product essential? That would be a no. But does it make mundane tasks a bit more enjoyable? A resounding yes. 


The Xcissor Pen comes in silver and black, and retails on the mininch website for $66. The company’s other products include a mini version of the Tool Pen and a wrench tool called WRENCHit. –MC


Photo coutesy of mininch.

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