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Micro-gig Marketplaces Offer Endless Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

Do you want to earn $1,000 in double-quick time? Then simply put on some Mickey Mouse ears and start singing ‘Happy Birthday’ 200 times! 
Mickey Mouse Fiverr GuyThat is precisely what a user named Anibalf from Beunos Aires is doing on Fiverr. For those of you unfamiliar with the site, it’s a micro-gig marketplace that touts itself as “The World’s Leading Marketplace for Services.” It’s not so much about what Anibalf is doing, it’s how he’s doing it that makes him so successful. His version of ‘Happy Birthday’ is bizarre to say the least, but that’s exactly why it has worked so well for him. 

Fiverr: The Site Changing the Face of Business

Fiverr’s marketplace is available for anyone that wants to post a small task “micro gig,” which can be as mundane as offering logo design services or as strange as Anibalf’s celebratory performance.

For entrepreneurs on both sides of Fiverr, micro-gigs offer limitless opportunity. For sellers, it provides a new channel through which to generate extra cash and a place to test out entrepreneurial skills. The keys to success are 1) designing a gig that doesn’t require a lot of time, 2) focusing on something you already specialize in, 3) offering a service that’s odd or useful enough to get a lot of buyers, and 4) paying attention to key trends.

All gigs start at $5, though most sellers generate extra by offering fast delivery, commercial rights, or other services.

Micro-Gig Success Stories

There are a number of super sellers that have earned over $100k (that’s USD!) on Fiverr’s platform. One such is a user from UK named NewBold3D. He’s made a career offering design gigs on Fiverr, getting so successful on this platform that he’s turned down his dream job to pursue Fiverr full time. To date, he has completed 11,000 gigs earning him over $100k  — and has positive feedback from over 7,000 users to prove it.

Another example is from a user that goes by the name Upgradeyourself from Macedonia. He offers website conversion services to Android apps and publishes them on Google Play. To date, he has completed 1,600 gigs, each taking him an average of 4 days to finish while doing many concurrently. His profile rating is a perfect 100%, and he’s already earned over $8,000 USD on Fiverr.

Fiverr’s Back-story

Since its launch in 2010, Fiverr has grown to 130 employees and has begun to roll out Spanish, French, Dutch, and Portuguese versions of their website. You can find services offered in 20 categories, and nearly 4 million jobs, ranging from coding to business card design. According to, Fiverr is the 332nd most popular website on the Internet. And like many successful business models, you can find similar services such as,,, and many others.

Gigs that Went Viral

Esther HonigEntrepreneurs can take advantage of Fiverr’s services for nearly every aspect of running their business: outsourcing logo creation, testimonials, video ads, jingles, SEO-services, website copy…just to name a few.  The beauty of these platforms is that you can quickly, easily, and cheaply crowdsource from multiple freelancers.  And if you are clever, you can even turn the gigs into a project that goes viral.

Before & After: A great example of this is Esther Honig’s photoshop experiment; where she approached freelancers all over the world asking them to “make her beautiful” based on their perception of attractiveness. Esther contacted nearly 40 individuals on Fiverr from more than 25 countries to complete her “Before & After” project. Her project went viral on Buzzfeed, receiving more than 2.5 million views, and reported on in more than 30 countries around the world.

Viral Music Video: Another example of crowdsourcing Fiverr is the “Better Than Grey” video, which was made entirely out of Fiverr gigs.  Commissioned by a punk band from Bulgaria, the video generated over 160,000 impressions.

Turning Selfies Into Art: Another example you may have heard of is called Nocturnal Commissions  — a project by an exhausted new dad who turns his wee-hour selfies into illustrations. He regularly commission new works online which have earned him more than 5,000 followers on his Tumblr blog.

Using Fiverr for Your Business

Here are some ideas for hacking Fiverr for your business:

  • Gather Ideas: Order micro-gigs to gather concepts from multiple freelancers. For example, if your startup needs a logo, you can hire multiple designers to gather a variety of concepts. You can then fine tune your favorite one.
  • Grow your portfolio: A new designer, writer or other freelancer can use Fiverr to complete projects and grow their portfolio quickly.
  • Get Feedback: You can hire multiple freelancers to test your website or get feedback on virtually any project.
  • Go Viral: Create your own version of Better Then Grey or the Before and After project and who knows, perhaps it will go viral.

Whether you are a buyer or seller, there are endless opportunities to incorporate micro-gigs into your business. Whether you need newsletter content or a quick tweak of your WordPress blog, look to outsource these and save yourself some time in the process.

While you can get a lot of your business basics done with micro-gigs, viral ideas are harder to come up with. Perhaps you can outsource them to user Savvytomato. He will brainstorm over Skype for just $5.

By Yana Robbins


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