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Kowrk launches operations in the USA

After successfully connecting users with coworking spaces in 4 countries – Hong Kong, Singapore, India and Cambodia, Kowrk has now extended its operations to the USA by collaborating with multiple American coworking venues.
Kowrk USA Launch

19 September 2016 –Within the first year of its launch, Kowrk, a global thought leader and market maker in the coworking industry, has expanded its operations to USA by collaborating with Carr Workplace in Washington DC, USA as its first partner coworking venue. This partnership is a major step towards achieving Kowrk’s mission of creating a seamless, effective and well-connected startup ecosystem across the globe.

The secret behind Kowrk’s rapid growth is its strong team, with founders experienced in managing multi-country operations of similar nature and having a decade of research based expertise in emerging patterns of work, and advisors having deep insights in the US startup ecosystem. As per Honey Jain Kathuria, Founder Kowrk, “Networking with American coworking hubs is crucial to Kowrk’s growth strategy. As far as coworking spaces are concerned, the United States is a different playing field, with more established players and higher demand as compared to Asia. While Asian countries have started accepting the concept of coworking and shared workspace, USA is a more mature market. Hence it is the ideal place for Kowrk to fine tune its working model after having successfully established it across major markets in Asia.”

This move will make Kowrk the one stop place for its globetrotting Asian customers looking for temporary workspaces in different cities of America, especially on the West Coast. Kowrk founders, Dr. Abhishek and Honey J Kathuria personally visited, surveyed and met the founders of 50+ coworking spaces across 8 cities in a span of 15 working days, with the aim of building a strong network of American coworking hubs within the Kowrk portfolio.

Many months of preparation, planning, contacting and targeting the American coworking hubs paid off well and Kowrk is now in advanced stages of collaboration with coworking spaces in multiple American cities, especially San Francisco – which is aptly called the “Mecca of Startups”.

Kowrk’s innovative Koolest Kospace competition has also received a strong response from the shared workspaces sector. Armed with its initial success, Kowrk hopes to develop a strong foothold in the country with more strategic alliances with the local players, driving business to partner spaces in the current cities before expanding to other cities, including New York.

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