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Jumpstart’s Interview in Russian-Chinese Journal,

Yana RobbinsWe’re excited to be published in another language! Jumpstart’s Founder was interviewed by a popular Russian-Chinese Journal, Read it online, or see the translation below.
Q: Tell some words about your job. What is your magazine about? Define your audience.

I never considered running Jumpstart a “job”. I don’t think I’d ever apply if it were :). Running a magazine is a massive around-the-clock undertaking – but something I am thoroughly enjoying. I founded Jumpstart a year ago when the startup scene in HK was exploding and I saw a need to create a central place to share news, happenings, and best-practices. Many communities have sprung-up around coworking spaces, but there wasn’t a central platform before Jumpstart – and that’s our mission – to create a channel that unites all startup communities of HK. Our readers are wide ranging – startups, those considering starting-up, small businesses, VC’s, ad agencies, students, mompreneurs. We have both local and global following. It’s exciting to receive an email from someone across the world about Jumpstart. Back to my job – I manage a team of about 20 freelancers who do writing, editing, sales, photography, illustration etc. I pitch-in in every department – it never gets boring.

Q: How do you think – startups of what industry (sphere) were the most successful in Asia in 2014?

There have been success stories across many industries in the past year. Those are the startups winning awards, getting investors, speaking at events. Startups like Ace Hearing,, Whub, PhoneJoy, Jamn and there are many others.

Q: Is it difficult for a young entrepreneur to find investors in Asia?

Judging by the multitude of pitch nights, competitions and VC companies in HK – there’s a lot of money available for quality startups.

Q: What asian investment companies would you advise?

I am personally familiar with, Fresco Capital and SOW Asia.

Q: What is the craziest idea of startup you published in your magazine?

It’s rare to come across really crazy ideas in HK just yet. Since the startup scene is still at it’s nascent stage, there’s still a need for quality “basics” – like apps for booking hotels, food delivery, etc. Once these are built out, there will be more startups thinking out of the box. That said, some of my favorites stories have been the Food Incubator (Kitchen Sync), Custom Dresses (, Meeting Your Neighbors (

Q: Can you describe top 5 stratup trends that will emerge in 2015?

There’s been a huge trend for all things organic, healthy, and sustainable and we will see many more startups launch in this sector. Education sector has always been popular in HK, and we’ll be surely seeing more startups in this area. There will be more event-companies, and trade shows organized around niche themes this year. Crafts and arts in general will see a surge in growth. There will be more startups that have succeeded in other countries making their way to HK.

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