Jumpstart Issue 20: AI & Robotics

AI & Robotics — No reason to panic, yet | In this March/April issue of Jumpstart magazine, we’ve scoured the region to bring together articles about what’s being worked on to help improve our lives – not just right now, but also in the future. Much of this is thanks to AI companies such as SenseTime, which began in 2014 when a group of 11 university colleagues in Hong Kong banded together to create a framework for computer vision and deep-learning technologies. Robots have long captured our imaginations, and finding out more about what’s happening in Asia when it comes to them has been an eye opener. There are several articles in this issue about robots, which are proving far more useful than just working on assembly lines at factories. Some are helping us grow more food, while others are helping make life better for people with illnesses and disabilities. Our May/June issue’s theme is FinTech, and we welcome editorial contributions from across the region.