Thursday, February 27, 2020

Interview with Thin Ice, World’s First Weight-Loss Clothing Line (funded 3,000%+)

Thin Ice
Tell us about Thin Ice, how did this project come about?

Thin Ice is the very first, technology-enhanced weight-loss clothing line. It’s embedded with specialized cooling technology that tricks the body into thinking it is in a cold environment. The body response by revving up and generating more heat leading to weight-loss!

Thin Ice came about when I read a book called the “4-Hour Body” by Tim Ferriss. In that book he talks extensively about all the methods of cold-induced weight-loss that exist such as ice baths, cold showers etc. All these methods can lead to significant weight-loss. The problem is that none of them are very convenient. Thin Ice was created to harness this amazing weight-loss method while making it extremely convenient.

Tell us about your manufacturing process and product design for the product. How long did it take you to design/test the product?

The product design is still in progress and our manufacturing is still ahead of us. Thin Ice has been in the works from an actual product development standpoint for about 5 months and there is still some work to be done to put the finishing touches on it.

From the beginning of product development to the foreseeable end of the project the process will have taken about 8 months.

Tell us about your Indiegogo campaign. Did anything surprise you? 

Our Indiegogo campaign has gone a lot better than we could have ever imagined. We’ve raised over 3000% of our goal now and still have time to spare. What few people know though, is that we launched a different Indiegogo campaign before this one for the same product and only raised about 30% of our goal!

I learned from the mistakes we made in that campaign and were able to turn things around in a huge way for our second. We’ve learned that crowdfunding is all about momentum and we made sure to drive huge amounts of traffic to our campaign from day 1 this time around.

How did you create the video for your Indiegogo campaign?

The director and editor for the video were both business contacts of mine. I let them know I wanted to launch a crowdfunding campaign and that I could use their skill-sets to make a killer video. They gladly got involved and together we did everything from storyboarding to the final pieces of editing.

Can you share tips for those considering crowdfunding their project?

Make sure you have a big enough budget to make a high quality video. It has become the standard to have a strong video in crowdfunding and almost no one even reads a campaign if they don’t like the video.
Also, make sure you are open to adapt. The backers you get during a crowdfunding campaign will become your biggest customers going forward. It makes a lot of sense to make them as happy as possible and to learn from their feedback to improve your future marketing. If you listen to your backers and learn what your demographics wants then even if you don’t raise what you hope to on crowdfunding you still be winning in the long run!

What’s next for Thin Ice?

Thin Ice’s next big phase is to finish product development and ship to all our loyal backers. Once that is completed we have many significant marketing initiatives planned with some very big partner companies. At that point we really hope to hit the mass market hard and to make sure everyone out there knows how they can benefit from Thin Ice!

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