Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Interview with Moinàrchy, DIY Science and Craft Kits

MoinarchyTell us about and what inspired you to start it? 
With kids spending more screen time with Apple mobile than with parents, we would love bring back the parental bonding, while letting the children to explore the sheer joy of learning and achieving things off-screen. With minimal travelling hassle, we want every child to have a taste in achieving out-of-the-box and enhance future competitiveness. Hence, we came up with this monthly subscription service on science experiments and craft kits, delivered to door, for the children.

What does the name of your company mean? How did you come up with the name?

Moinàrchy is the blend of “Moi” (means me in French) and “Monarchy”, together means “my kingdom”.

I would say Moinàrchy a society sprinkled with happy dust, where every child within our network can learn science and engineering know-how from our Royal Ambassadors, e.g. Prince Unicorn (cheerful; Einstein is his role model) and Princess Laura (gentle; excel in crafting).

whats inside Moinarchy boxHow are you promoting your business online & offline?

Online – We regularly post DIY tips, parenting tips and coupons on our blog ( To thank our fans, we also offer giveaways occasionally via Facebook ( and Instagram (

Offline – Our next event will be at Discovery Bay Sunday Market on Aug 14Sep 11 and Oct 9, 2016 11am- 6pm (Stall: 47b). Drop by and win your free subscription!

What were some of the challenges you’ve encountered/solved?

Our current design team for science projects and craft activities are from all walks of life (e.g. child psychologist, chemistry teacher, stay-at-home mom, etc.). At the beginning, the team only consist of educational toy designers, but soon we realize that we were simply thinking one-way from adults’ point of view. We then diversified the background of our design team who work closely with the children, so as to incorporate chilren’s desire and relevant insight into our decision making process.

What advice would you give someone starting a new business?

Be patient, success isn’t overnight: Most of you have heard that 90% of the startups fail. Yet, have faith in and keep motivating yourself, understand your clients, and offer the best customer experience.

You’ll have to delegate to grow your business: As your business expand, you as a leader will need to learn to delegate the right task to the right person to handle things of your company.

What’s next for Moinàrchy?

We are soon expanding our business overseas. Interested distributors can also get in touch with us anytime at [email protected]

What do you want your consumers to remember about your company?

Customer experience always comes first. We continually make it our top priority to assist you and your child in mastering every interesting theory behind our everyday life. We will make your kid’s learning path fun and get ready to fall seriously in love with us!

by Ludivine Lombard Taverne

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