Thursday, April 9, 2020

Interview with Kaprice, Hong Kong’s Resort Wear

1 Tell us about your brand and it’s beginnings.
Kaprice is one of Hong Kong’s premiere resort-wear lines. We aim to reinvent the feminine style of East meets West in handcrafted kaftans, ready-to-wear, jewelry and accessory collections. The kaftan is one-size-fit-all for women of all shapes and sizes.

2. How do you design and manufacture your products?

Kaprice is predominately made in India. The fabrics are sourced from Dubai and Europe. The actual construction is done including beading is done in India.

3. What’s the fashion industry like in HK?

Its competitive and tough especially if you are new with few connections. It’s tough because advertising and publicity is very expensive here. However, online marketing and event networking will help you build networks little by little.

4. What’s one marketing strategy that’s worked for you?

Creating Limited Edition items.  In most cases no more than 2 items are made in each fabric and beading thus making the items unique.

5. What’s your favorite product?


6. What recommendations would you offer to a new fashion startup?
Be creative, playful and open to suggestions. Online marketing, editorial are very both very effective. Run events with other brands as well as build your own network.

The Kaprice showroom is located in 37 Hollywood Road Central and we are launching a new BESPOKE service where clients can come and choose their own styles, fabrics and beading. This is only available direct through the Kaprice head office. Please direct all sales enquiries to:

EMAIL: [email protected]
Instagram: KAPRICE HK

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