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Interview with Food Blogger – Scarletscorchdroppers

Interview with Food Blogger Scarletscorchdroppers

J CranhamScarletscorchdroppers is predominantly a baking blog, mostly filled with sweet treats and often far too much chocolate! If you’re looking for a recipe for Fererro Rocher Cupcakes, gin and tonic cake, or creme egg brownies, you’re in the right place! I started it several years ago on a whim, but I only really got into it when I settled down into Hong Kong life and found myself wanting to get more involved in the kitchen. Initially, it documented my struggles with a little oven and tracking down good quality, but reasonably priced, baking ingredients. Now it’s more a space for me to try out new ideas and sometimes share a little bit about my life in Hong Kong and travels around Asia too.
Tell us how you got into food writing? Do you do anything else food related?

I’ve always been baking and cooking, but I actually started writing this blog about 4 years ago, just with a friend, as a whim. I didn’t really start getting into it until about a year and a half ago, when I really began wanting to bake in Hong Kong.

Who have you written for?

I write for Foodie magazine in their blogger panel, giving my opinion on a wide range of food topics from childhood memories and food influences, to fad diets and the city’s best ramen.

Is it a hobby/job? Is it possible to earn money as a food blogger in HK?

It is still very much a hobby for me. I earn a very tiny amount of money from advertising. Food blogs do appear to be playing an increasing role in the Hong Kong food scene, so there’s definite potential there, but I’m not sure if it’s established enough yet to be a full time job.

Where are you from/how long have you been in HK?

I’m originally from the UK. I lived in a little village in the south of England, so coming to Hong Kong was quite a change of scenery! I’ve been here 3 and a half years now.

How has the food scene evolved in HK in the last year?

The Hong Kong food scene was already very international, it’s a place where you can track down cuisine from all over the world and if there’s something you’re craving, you’ll find it if you look hard enough! Over the past year I’d say it’s really become an even bigger player on the international dining scene. More and more big name chefs seem to want to come to the city. From a baking perspective too, I’m finding it increasingly easy to find the ingredients I need. It seems more people are interested in making use of their kitchens, no matter how tiny!

How are you promoting your blog?

I’m quite active with social media, using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

What are some of your favorite food businesses in HK?

Aside from many fantastic restaurants, I love the emergence of more and more food and farmers markets in Hong Kong, such as Island East Markets. In terms of baking products, I find I Love Cake has a fantastic selection of bakeware and ingredients.  Shanghai Street is a great place to track down any hard-to-find kitchen equipment and pick up some cheap yet good quality baking accessories.

Do you think there is anything missing from Hong Kong’s food scene?jenniecranham

With such a broad food scene, it’s really hard to find something lacking. That said, I really miss the beer gardens you find back in English pubs. It would be wonderful if Hong Kong had more outdoor spaces to sit and eat.

What is your favorite cuisine?

I love trying new food and find that Hong Kong is such a great location to travel to new countries to try the cuisine. I’m not sure I could pick just one favorite cuisine! I think, if pushed, I would say curry is my favorite food – any kind!

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