Interview with Food Blogger – Bonnie Chu

Tell us about your blog! Well, first off, it’s awesome! Haha. Seriously, my blog is a place where I share with people my passion for cooking and for life. I enjoy cooking, Chinese food especially, but with my own twist. I think people appreciate the creativity. Additionally, the blog gives my readers a small window into different parts of my life; including being a new mother, investment advice and even how to name your baby so that it’s Feng Shui appropriate!

Tell us how you got into food writing? Do you do anything else food related?

I started a few years ago, maybe around 5-6 years? I don’t really remember when, but do remember how! It was really to use the blog as a way for me to keep a diary of my recipes. I can pull up the articles if I forget the steps, and it also allowed me to share the recipes with my friends over social media. As for anything else I do food related… well, we have a group of friends that regularly get together to try new restaurants, and to share a good bottle of wine. In that regard, I just eat and I’m not really a contributor.

Who/what websites have you written for?

I haven’t written for other websites as such, but a local publication called “Drink Eat Man Woman”, will be releasing a series of videos of my recipes shortly. They’ll be on YouTube and on as well. Is it a hobby/job? Is it possible to earn money as a food blogger in HK?

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It’s definitely a hobby for me. I know some bloggers that can make a living writing about food, but mostly they use the blog as a marketing platform and they get paid writing for print publications. I do have a job as an investment manager, so I don’t rely on the blog for my income.

Where are you from/how long have you been in HK?

I was born and raised in Hong Kong. For how long? That’s a secret.

How has the food scene evolved in HK in the last year?

I think there are a lot of new Chinese restaurants with a Western influence that have popped up in the last year. Whilst fusion is nothing new, we’re seeing the trend trickle down to street and fast food. And when I say influence, it ranges from décor, service and marketing, to how the food is prepared. For example: Taiwanese “Bao”’s and Beijing pancakes being served in a chic bar setting, or clean fast food style establishments. No more dirty street carts… which I personally think has its charms.

How are you promoting your blog?

I regularly post articles on my Facebook page for my fans and leverage’s reach, since they come up in Google search results.

What are some of your favorite food businesses in HK?

I think the recently launched home delivery service for prepared ingredients is great for the first-time cook. It’s simple and easy to impress your guests.

Do you think there is anything missing from Hong Kong’s food scene?

I think it’s a shame that there are so many cigar bars, but nobody in Hong Kong can name a Cuban dish. These so-called Cigar Aficionados seems pretty one-dimensional in their appreciation of what Cuba has to offer. Where can I get some Lechon Asado, black beans and rice? Or a good Cuban sandwich? Oh, and while there are Mexican restaurants in HK, are they really safe for consumption?

What is your favorite cuisine?

Hands down it’s Japanese. It’s healthy, mostly, and it tastes great. Even their fried food i.e. Tempura, is light. If done well, you really don’t notice the grease. From Sushi to Katsu-Don, there’s plenty to choose from. I think food provides a great platform to share experiences with friends and family. And you can have it multiples times a day! Follow

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