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Interview with Advwhere, a smart influencer marketing platform

Perphy Woo (Left), Felix Wong, Edwin Wong, Leo Siu (Right)
Tell us about your company and what inspired you to launch it?

Advwhere is a social media analytics and influencer marketing expert. With the popularity of social media i.e. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc, it has changed the way we communicate. A wide range of marketers have spotted the business opportunities of using social media to advertise their brands and regard social media as a mainstream marketing platform in the long term.

More specifically, the use of influencer (Key Opinion Leaders) marketing has become more and more prevalent. The story behind each individual influencer is unique and their posts on social media channels often arouse great response. Meanwhile, having the wrong influencer to advertise your brand or a wrong social media postioning will directly affect the effectiveness of your marketing campaign, so marketers often ask the question: “Who is the right match?” In order to answer this question in a convincing manner, we have created this data­driven influence platform ­ Advwhere, which makes use of social media data to tell you which influencer would be the right match, and show you how they perform in a marketing campaign with real­time performance tracking.

Who should be using your platform?

Mobile UI2

Marketers or Brands are our major targets. We provide a simple “One­Click” solution which allows marketers to perform influencer searching with different searching functions. Based on predefined algorithms, our system will generate a list of recommended influencers according to the requirements input by the searcher. One of the most important features of our platform is its analytics. We have a multi­channel analytics across different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or other blogging sites. Every influencer has unique bio, behavior and position. Therefore, we analyze their page performance, growth and interaction in real time. To prove that a campaign is successful, we deliver post­campaign reports providing evidence ranging from engagement rate to ROI.

What’s your monetization model?

We provide scalable pricing model to meet different market needs.

Freemium – Users can perform influencers searching based on the genre of influencer i.e. Food Bloggers, Fashion Stylist, Author, Photographer and more. At the same time, marketers are able to view the key metrics of their selection in real time.

Premium ­ An advanced version that charges on different subscription basis. It allows users to experience a brand new influencer marketing technology. The intelligence of social media analytics will be further strengthened. A one­stop dynamic dashboard enables data driven content to be viewed visually. Apart from social media index, information from different perspective is also provided such as product correlations, in­depth influence analysis or even hot keywords. With such diversified information, marketers can easily pinpoint the most fitting influencer.

Tell us about your experience with CoCoon Pitch Night? How did you get ready?

Cocoon is an amazing place for people who also take interest in startup to make new friends. In particular, the pitching night has given us a very good chance to reach early customers and find business potentials. Some people say the pitching night is an event for them to seek investment. For us, it’s a great opportunity for networking. We pitched the judges, the audience, and other startups. Of course, to show our professionalism to marketers, we worked hard in research and technology demonstration in order to tell people what Advwhere is doing. No matter your product is ready to go to the market or not, you have to show the world you can provide quality services during your presentation. We had practiced a lot before we stood in front of the public. “We are telling people how we can match brands with the best storytellers. To do so, we have to make ourselves the best storyteller for Advwhere”.

What do you think of Hong Kong’s Startup Scene? 

People often talk about the “growth” of a startup in terms of its customers engagement and financial penetration. But nowadays, scientific decisions have become more important and companies rely more on data­driven process in order to achieve their “growth”. More and more companies have recognized the importance of data strategy. Analytical tools and sources have become widely available. The technical knowhow between companies has begun to narrow and the level of technical difference has become insignificant. In order to gain an advantage over other companies, it is not about the amount of data that you possess, but about how to apply available data in achieving business goals. Therefore, action from insight is the key to success.

How do you plan to market your platform? And what’s next for your team?

At the early stage we will cooperate with local startups, we have over 10 active partnerships at the moment. We have found that influencer marketing is an effective way to enhance local business community, as go­to­market strategy is always vital In addition to the development of technology. Moreover, we are now pairing with advertising agencies to work on influencer campaigns. We also believe that professional opinions from domain experts will significantly enhance product quality. We have also been taking part in a variety of seminars and events, so as to learn, to gain, and to grow in order to achieve our goal. For product R&D, we are at Beta stage now. Full version will be launched at the end of this year.

Our Team

Edwin Wong, Founder & Engagement Director

2 yrs exp in digital marketing: AddPost Online, Buzz Fever Awardee of 9+ Busi Comp / Fund, Founder of UNsuspended (SE) Committee of Institute of Certified Marketer (ICM.HK)
Director of Corp Com ­ JCI Harbour HK (2016)
BBA, PolyU, 2014

Felix Wong, Co­founder & Analyst Director

2 yrs exp in business consulting, Ricoh Hong Kong Limited Six Sigma, MatLab, R, Tableau, Algorithm R&D, Data Analysis BSc Maths, Bath UK; MSc Marketing, PolyU, 2017

Perphy Woo, Co­founder & UX Director

7 yrs exp in digital R&D, Opium Ventures, Pred, PacificLink Project Management, UX, UI, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
BA Eng Comm, PolyU, 2008; MDes Strategies, PolyU, 2013

Leo Siu, Co­founder & Business Development Manager

1 yr in marketing, oversea exp, Singapore and Latin America Account Serving, Project Management
BBA, PolyU, 2016


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