Tuesday, April 7, 2020

How to Utilize Your Smartphone for Business

We are a world that has gone mad for smartphones. In 2016, nearly half the world’s population owned a smartphone. It is not surprising then that the business world is also jumping in. Mobile app development is a fast-growing sector, and businesses have started to provide employees with smartphones to increase efficiency and perform tasks. If you are also looking to increase productivity, here are 5 apps that can change the way you work.

With many businesses operating online or around the world, there is a need for video conferencing. Join.Me allows businesses to have meetings with colleagues, clients, investors, or partners at any time and at different locations, saving costs on travel and hiring meeting rooms. Join.Me has taken the basics of a meeting and formatted them into an easy to use mobile app. There can be unlimited attendees, and messaging between attendees is made simple.

As business confidentiality becomes more important and the needs for passwords grow, it can be almost impossible to keep track of all of your passwords. Lastpass is a great solution for a busy business that is serious about security. The application keeps all your passwords so that when you are presented with a log in screen, it simply fills in the details for you. These are all kept safe in your profile within the app and requires just ONE password to activate. Lastpass also has a service that will allow group profiles so that everyone within a group will have access to the login information. This saves time and the confusion usually caused by sending multiple emails containing multiple passwords.

Rescue Time
Are you being as productive as you think you are? Do you really know how your employees are spending their working hours? This application follows the websites you visit, emails you send and receive, and your calendar to put together an accurate map of your day. With the collected data, it will put together graphs and charts that will illustrate where you are wasting time and where you should be putting in more effort. Rescue Time is a definite time saver and worthwhile investment. Set goals and it will motivate you to achieve them.

If your schedule is getting too much for you to handle and you need a personal assistant, then you should consider this cheap alternative. Cue is an easy to follow calendar that will find any events through social media, phone calendar, email accounts and input them to your calendar. That, and the fact that you can manually input a schedule, you will ever forget another appointment or meeting. If you need to re-schedule, then this is even easier to do as it retains important contact information.

Your marketing department has likely told you that your business needs to be on every platform to reach a big audience. This can be true, but keeping track of the platforms you have can take time, which could be better used on business activities. Buffer is an application that aligns all your social media profiles, keeps track of when posts are submitted, and gives you complete feedback on the performance of your profiles. It makes it much quicker to submit posts to multiple platforms at once and, still, successfully manage responses on each one. A must for the modern business!

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