Wednesday, April 1, 2020

How this 13 year old girl opened a lacrosse company

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Meet Rachael Zietz, a lacrosse player. In 2012, she had a problem. She needed to buy new lacrosse gear every year. She got upset. She thought there must be a better way because it was too expensive. Her parents always told her “a problem is an opportunity”. In this case, her opportunity was to make it herself. She founded a company called Gladiator Lacrosse. First she made a goal and a rebounder. Then they sold it. She was only 13 years old when she opened the company.

She did not know how to market things so her father helped her with marketing. In an interview in 2014, she said, “My parents have done a great job in teaching me the busines basics. My father, also being an entrepreneur, has taught me what it takes to start a business, and has helped me along the way by guiding me on how to market my business.”

Her business went so well she started making other products like strings and goal corners. The goal corners and the strings are both for the goals. “People don’t treat me like a kid; people treat me like I’m a business woman,” she says. She started off with $2,700 and she worked herself up to a surprising $ 200,000 in sales! She did this in only 1year. Now she does more than $1 million a year in sales. That is alot of money for a 17 year old girl! She wants to expaned the company in the future.

By Kai Kuwata. Kai is a 10-year-old journalist covering Child Entrepreneurship for Jumpstart. He enjoys soccer, badminton, playing with his sisters and playing with Battle Spirits cards. His favorite subject is Science, so he also can be found spending time looking at stuff through his microscope. Kai resides in Tai Po, Hong Kong.


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