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Hong Kong’s Delivery Republic reacts to on-demand market with 60 minute delivery service for businesses

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Hong Kong’s Delivery Republic reacts to on-demand market with 60 minute delivery service for businesses

HONG KONG, 18 January 2016: With over 100 drivers, serving 350 outlets across 85% of Hong Kong and the Territories, Delivery Republic is fast becoming the leading O2O (offline to online) on-demand delivery service for businesses. The team behind Delivery Republic, have many years’ experience in logistics and have developed a service and associated app that helps businesses cut down on the high costs associated with organising their own delivery fleets while providing a crucial quality service. The 60 minute service addresses the significant increase in consumers demanding products and services to be delivered immediately, which is in tune with Hong Kong’s fast paced culture and reflects global trends especially in cities such as New York and London. With an initial focus on serving restaurants, Delivery Republic is now working with retailers and delivering clothing and jewelry as well as fresh goods such as groceries to consumers. Recently raising US$2 million, the founder plans to develop the service further with retailers and expand operations across Hong Kong and Asia.

Delivery Republic’s trustworthy reputation has been built from the founder’s extensive knowledge of logistics and combines the traditional business model of logistics with technology to provide an extremely user friendly app. The app uses location based technology, which helps both businesses and customers track orders. Delivery Republic also addresses the often overlooked features of clear communication channels by allowing the driver, the business and the customer to stay in contact with each other with updates or queries. Businesses can streamline their deliveries by ensuring all customer queries are addresses in a timely manner and are able to monitor their deliveries throughout the entire process. Delivery Republic also uses the model of same-district deliveries that ensures products reach customers within an hour. Their experienced drivers manage cash and cheque payments without limiting businesses and customers on payment options.

Using the example of restaurants, Delivery Republic founder George Kee comments, “Most restaurants operators are not likely to invest in hiring, managing and insuring their own delivery drivers. Restaurants can maintain their reputation, keep control of their branding and increase profits by partnering with us [Delivery Republic] to deliver dishes throughout the day every day and not just during peak hours/times when their restaurants are busy.”

The App is available for download (search”drhk”) for Android at Google Play and iOS at AppStore (HK).


About Delivery Republic: Founded in May 2014 and launched in August 2014, Delivery Republic have raised US$2m in their first year of operations. They have already gained popularity with over 350 outlets across 150 merchants including KFC, Itacho Sushi, California Pizza Kitchen and other non-F&B retailers. It is the only on-demand delivery service app for businesses that operates across 85% of populated areas in Hong Kong and the Territories. 

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