Thursday, April 9, 2020

Get Inspired & Motivated with these 5 Apps

We all could use a breather from life’s ups and downs. The below 5 apps can help you to be more productive and inspire you in the process.  Start 2015 on the right foot by trying out these useful apps (all made in 2014!)

1. SameGrainDiscover people like you!

SameGrain is a cool new way to meet people – around the corner or across the globe. This new app allows you to connect with others for networking or friendship. The app uses location services to display distances between individuals, enabling you to find others near or far. Make a new friend now!

2. Sociidot: Life Coach in your pocket!

Sociidot is a task management system and life coach all in one app. It can help guide you down the right path to accomplishing your goals by breaking them down into manageable micro-tasks. The app contains an integrated GPS system, so that you can connect with advisors or others in your area.

 3. Lettrs: Modern + Retro all in one!      

Lettrs allows you to compose letters digitally while maintaining an authentic and personal handwriting feel. You can type or voice-dictate letters if you wish and even arrange for them to be posted by mail. There are designer themes and location stamped messages that include photo attachments or you can personalize themes, photos, or tags to better suit your personality. If you love writing and prefer the more personal approach to communicating with others, then this is the app for you.

4. The Bucket List: Just like it sounds 

The Bucket List allows you to sort out things that you want to accomplish in your life and share the list with others. Be inspired by 400,000 plus success stories, and over 2.8 million bucket list ideas to date. It was funded on Kickstarter!  

5. Habit ListLose a Habit, Gain a Habit.

Habit List helps you break bad habits and form new good ones. This app can assist you in remaining more focused and on track.


By Heather Granruth

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