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Docker Brings a Docker Public Registry to China to Expand Developer Adoption and Fuel Enterprise Growth

Docker Brings a Docker Public Registry to China to Expand Developer Adoption and Fuel Enterprise GrowthCompany increases investment in China to provide enterprises with a complete Docker solution for modernizing the software supply chain

HONG KONG  June 9, 2017  Docker today launched in China a Docker Public Registry, a cloud-based repository that provides Chinese users free access to the most popular community-generated content including Docker official images. The Chinese community, already the third largest in the world despite the lack of local Docker services, will now have access to the thousands of popular images that have been downloaded billions of times. These images are cornerstone content for organizations that are rapidly assembling new distributed applications. Because the Docker Registry will be managed by Docker and mirrored and hosted in China on Alibaba Cloud, local users will now enjoy faster downloads and response rates, enabling them to develop and ship Dockerized applications seven times more rapidly.

“Docker has always had a large community in China and by providing a local registry mirror on Alibaba Cloud, organizations can now benefit from faster image downloads and a more performant Docker experience,” said David Messina, Chief Marketing Officer at Docker. “As we deepen our roots into the Asian market, our focus will be on providing the in-region resources and support organizations need to containerize legacy applications, accelerate their hybrid cloud deployments and build new microservices. Popular Dockerized content, in combination with our enterprise solutions, provides everything organizations need to ensure a true Docker experience across the entire application lifecycle.” 

Alibaba Cloud will also resell Docker Enterprise Edition (EE), an integrated platform for developers and IT to collaborate, bringing improved security, policy and controls to the application lifecycle without sacrificing agility or application portability. Consisting of a container runtime, with integrated multi-tenant orchestration, security and management, Docker EE gives enterprises an open container platform that ensures a simplified yet rich user experience. Organizations using Docker EE can be assured of consistent packaging and supply chain for microservices, legacy and ISV applications for both Linux and Windows and a common interface for both dev and IT ops to collaborate on a unified supply chain.  Docker EE is integrated with Alibaba’s Apsara Stack Agility which provides a dedicated enterprise cloud platform running on bare metal systems for providing both private IaaS capabilities and Containers as a Service (CaaS) functionality for enterprises.

“We are Docker’s strategic partner in China. Prior to this, we have jointly launched the Apsara Stack Agility – the first container application platform which supports Docker Enterprise Edition,” said Tang Hong, Chief Architect of Alibaba Cloud. “Apsara Stack Agility could be deployed in enterprise’s existing data center and particularly applicable for dedicated enterprise cloud and hybrid cloud environment. With the launch of Docker Hub China, China developers will find it much convenient to access the container technology. Alibaba Cloud and Docker will jointly provide more technical and local support to Container Community and enhance the level of Docker applications.”

Docker opened up its office in China earlier this year and plans to add additional community, marketing and sales contacts in the region. Today, the company launched its new localized website and WeChat Official Account.

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