Sunday, May 31, 2020

DIY Mini Macramé Planter

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Freshen up your workspace with a touch a greenery

By Becky Gilmour & Lucy Gilmour



the perfect way to breathe new life into your office or workspace in 2019.

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  1. Cut 4 x 150 cm lengths of Cotton String. Fold the 4 pieces in half and pull through and over the metal ring to create the first knot. This is called a larks head knot.

  2. Take 2 pieces of string (positioned next to each other) and tie an overhand knot, directly below the larks head knot and ring. Divide the remaining 6 strands into 3 groups of 2 and repeat on all.

  3. At 7 cm down, tie 1 half knot, repeat again 2 cm below and then again 2 cm below that. Result is 3 spaced out half knots creating a chain like effect.

  4. Repeat on the remaining 3 groups, making sure that the knots align in the same place on all 4 groups.

  5. At 7cm down, make another overhand knot, repeat on all sides.

  6. At 2 cm down, tie alternate strings from each of the 4 groups together using an overhand knot.

  7. This will now form the basket. Put the mini plant pot inside and make sure that it fits, before moving on to the final knot.

  8. To finish, tie all 8 strands together in one big knot underneath the pot. Trim the bottom to 6 cm and brush to separate the strands of string.



About the Author

Make & Do HK is a creative platform set up by two sisters. Becky Gilmour’s background is in textiles and fashion and Lucy Gilmour specializes in crafts and embroidery. Together, they provide inspiration for designers and makers, and organize meetups, events, and craft workshops at their studio and throughout Hong Kong.

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