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Crowdfunding Roundup in Hong Kong April 2016 Edition

Crowdfunding is a great way for entrepreneurs to raise funds, build awareness and community around their innovation or invention. Here is a roundup of the latest crowdfunding activity in Hong Kong. Like a project? Help spread the word and support local entrepreneurs.

Curiosity eWaste 3D Printer for Kids

Co-developed in collaboration with MakerBay and Hong Kong Poly University, the Curiosity is an easy-to-assemble educational 3D printer which offers a super low-cost platform for educational purposes. 3D printing closes the gap between an idea or inspiration and the first prototype and enables people of all ages and backgrounds to make the leap to become an inventor!

Platform: | End Date: May 2, 2016

Move it: The World’s First Mobile-Connected Smart Home Gym

Move It is a smart evolutionary personal gym that connects you to social platforms to track, explore and share your training progress with others online. You can “Turn any 3x3m space into your own personal gym, with our app-connected smart fitness equipment.”

Platform: Indiegogo | End Date: May 9, 2016

Mirage – The World’s First Sports Light-Up Headband

Hundreds of thousands of runners and cyclists are injured each year on the roads, and the risk of this happening to you only increases when you are out at night. We want to create a product that allows you to enjoy outdoor activities after dark, while increasing your safety and comfort.

Platform: Kickstarter | End Date: May 8, 2016

Zarie Slimming Leggings

Zarie is a clothing brand that focuses on the currently booming athleisure segment. Dream pants by Zarie are just like everyday fashion or activewear leggings, with one extra function: slimming. “Zarie uses exclusive technology which embeds cosmetic micro-capsules into the garment, giving the skin cosmetic benefits. The cosmetic ingredients are released during garment use, resulting in improved blood circulation, reduced cellulite and lower body weight.”

Platform: Nextchapter | End Date:  May 6, 2016


Nativ: High-Res Music System & Touchscreen Control

Nativ is a device that will give you convenient access to the world’s latest music videos on your TV with spectacular picture quality. “The heart of our new high-resolution music system is Nativ Vita, an innovative music player with a stunning 11.6” touchscreen and up to 4TB capacity. It puts all your music at your fingertips, from your favorite music services—like Apple Music, Spotify and Tidal—to music on your computer, NAS or smartphone. “

Platform: Indiegogo | End Date: May 24, 2016 ( they already surpassed their 100% goal!)

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