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CLINK – HK’s Nightlife Social Network Connecting Different Groups of Friends over Drinks

The first social app to feature Group Matching, connecting different groups of friends at the city’s favourite hangouts25 May 2016, Hong KongCLINK, Hong Kong’s new nightlife social platform, officially launches to help connect friends in the city’s favourite hangouts, bringing fun-loving people together for what might be the best nightlife experience in town. The first to launch a Group Matching feature, CLINK sets out to enable people to meet new friends in the comfort of their own group over drinks, making it a fun, casual and organic process for party-goers alike.

A social app for the 852

The social app realm is currently dominated by two extremes: social apps that connect you with existing friends, and dating apps designed to help you find romance. What was missing was an app that allows you to meet new friends in a casual group setting – a gap that CLINK was created to fill. Using Facebook, the app connects users and sets out to expand social circles, presenting a completely new way to meet people – digitally and organically.

“Even in Hong Kong – a city of 7 million people – meeting new friends can be hard,” says Kenneth Lee, Founder and CEO of CLINK. “We live a hectic lifestyle with long working hours, high stress levels and little down time to unwind. CLINK offers a unique platform for Hong Kongers who like to work hard and play hard to see where the city’s party hotspots are. You can selectively join forces with other crews and meet up for great night out.”





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Group Matching = #squadgoals

The best nights out happen when your crew naturally clicks with another crew. The first to feature a Group Matching function, CLINK offers users the option to form their own group of friends and match with others to meet over drinks, presenting a new, fun way to meet new people out with your squad. Groups with common interests and matching preferred hangout locations will be connected in a chatroom to get acquainted and plan their night out.

“This breaks the ice and makes socialising and meeting new people a lot easier and more fun,” says Kenneth, “and because it is a group setting, the interactions are more organic and natural. Plus, users feel safer when they’re out with their own crew.”

Take me to the party

To see where and what the happenings are in the Hong Kong nightlife scene, CLINK has devised the Party Map feature to identify where the parties and hotspots are during the week. Users can select their preferred hangout on the Party Map and see where other people want to go. Then it’s just one tap away from shouting out to your friends on where you plan to hit up for a great night out.

CLINK is now available for free download on the Apple App Store:



CLINK is the first mobile nightlife social app developed in Hong Kong. The first to feature a Group Matching function, CLINK is designed for people to meet new friends in a group setting in their favorite hangout in town. At present, CLINK has over 7,000 users with over 3,000 connections made. The app is currently available for download on the iOS platform, with the Android version to come soon this year. CLINK is an incubatee of the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park’s incubation program. For more information, visit http://www.clinknow.co/

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