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Challenges of graduate recruitment

By Yuriy Mamatov, Managing Director at StudentConnect Hong Kong
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In today’s competitive job market companies are continuously looking to attract and hire the best young talent for their business, whilst many students and graduates seek to build their work experience throughout their studies and find employment after graduating to kick-start their career.

Unfortunately finding the right job opportunity with the right company can be a difficult and daunting experience since most job boards and career platforms have been designed to work for and target working professionals instead of students and graduates.

The founders of the StudentConnect career community realized this challenge in their previous careers working for various MNC’s and decided to build a solution to this problem by creating a dedicated career platform that enables students and graduates to discover, explore and connect with excellent employers and find an internship, part-time or full-time jobs in a different way than traditional job portals operate.

The platform was founded on the belief that you should love your job and the place where you work. They saw that many students and graduates where able to find work but not jobs and careers they were particularly passionate or ambitious about. More than ever before, today young professionals want to be part of an organization, good fit with the company’s culture and believe in what their business is looking to achieve.

The Problem with Regular Job Portals

The problem of regular job portals and recruitment sites is that they solely evolve around job advertisements, a model that hasn’t changed in several decades. Previously job ads where in the newspaper and now they are online, however they don’t say anything about the employer or showcase who they are, what they do and why they would be a great for you to start or grow your career. New platforms that have grown in the last decade like LinkedIn have been great as a professional network, but with the average age of users being 44 with over 10 years of experience it has been more useful for head hunters than companies trying to recruit young professional talent.

Not Just Any Job

At StudentConnect we felt that letting students and graduates discover and be excited to be part of an employer before hunting for jobs is essential. Not only do you ensure that young professionals thereby discover employers they would previously skip, but they also get to see what employers work in different industries, who they are and what they offer in terms of culture, careers and growth. This helps young professionals make better informed decision to ensure they will love working there before applying to a job.

Don’t overlook the Small Businesses

For companies we saw the same challenge. Firstly, small brands and startups that have a great business but little branding awareness where being skipped or missed by great young professionals, as they simply did not know these businesses existed and what they had to offer. We solved this issue by letting companies create a great looking branded profile that showcases their background, story, company culture, team and what it’s like to work there to help them inspire, find and hire great student and graduate talent.

Curated Portal Means no More Irrelevant Resumes

Secondly, the other challenge the companies faced is the sea of irrelevant CVs and profiles that are created by people clearly not suitable for the job they apply. As time is crucial for every professional regardless of the business nature, relevancy and quality of information is paramount. With this in mind, at StudentConnect we review each student and graduate when they sign up to the portal. This helps us curate a better quality database and ensures that we only let genuine users onto the portal that are locally relevant to companies.

StudentConnect Expands outside of hong Kong

Lastly because we work with multiple schools we are able to save companies time having to engage with several campuses direct, but instead companies can find talent from multiple schools on one portal. StudentConnect was founded and is headquartered in Singapore but also have launched offices in Hong Kong and Indonesia as we believe there is a lot of opportunity in these markets to empower young talented individuals to find the right jobs and employers the right hires.

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