Thursday, April 9, 2020

Lizzie Marie started cooking at the age of two. In the kitchen, her job was to test the taste ("taste tester") while her mother cooked

Do you know the game Bubble Ball? With over 3,000,000 (three million) downloads chances are, you already know. This game is basically “use physics

Meet Rachael Zietz, a lacrosse player. In 2012, she had a problem. She needed to buy new lacrosse gear every year. She got upset. She

This inspiring story comes to us from Australia. Patrick, an 8 year old has is an inspiration behind a first aid course for children, His Mom,

There’s been a slew of child entrepreneurs in the news recently. You may have heard of Moziah Bridges (Mo’s Bows) or Isabella Rose Taylor

Pinnacle is organizing a 4-day camp on Money orientation and entrepreneurship for 8-11 year olds. These workshops will cover the history of money, credit-cards savings,

How does an 8 year old get 800,000+ Youtube subscribers and nearly 750 Million views on his Youtube Channel? Meet Evan of, a cute 8

13-year old Isabella Rose Taylor is a Mensa member, a high school graduate, a painter and entrepreneur. She started sewing when she was 8 and the recently ran a Young Entrepreneurs 2014 contest, and they are pleased to announce the three winners. You can download their stories and perhaps inspire

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