Wednesday, May 27, 2020
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By Monika Ghosh   Fintech has become one of the most used


Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss discuss how Gemini is shaping the future of money   By : Min Chen   The twin brothers grew up visiting the offices of

What to consider when building fintech solutions for financial inclusion   By : Nayantara Bhat   With the wide range of digital solutions on the market and smartphone

By : Adrian Lai   Blockchain isn't just for coins, as World Bank proved in 2018 with the issuance of its tokenized bond. Now, as regulators

By : Daneesh Shahar   It was only two years ago that CIMB Bank announced that their subsidiary, Touch ‘n Go’–the Malaysian equivalent to Hong Kong’s

HONG KONG, July 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Liquefy has announced a $2.6 million funding round led by Ideanomics and NEO Global Development, alongside with other notable

  By Raymond Wyand | Open Banking or Open APIs (application programming interfaces) have become some of the hottest buzzwords in the banking industry, thanks

By Nelson Ng | The 21st century has brought about many digital enhancements, and the financial industries have reaped the benefits accordingly, with the advanced

  Growth hacking has become the buzzword of the startup circles. After the market-product fit is established, growth is the true north of any startup.

Against a backdrop of struggling “first generation” online lending platforms such as Lending Club and Square, the emerging consensus amongst fintech commentators and players

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