Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Metamorphosis | We uncover defining transformations of startup strategies, market trends,


ICO, IPO & Blockchain — The Buzz is wearing off | At Jumpstart HQ in Hong Kong, we get inundated daily (including weekends) with

TravelTech — Going Beyond Discounts | The total contribution of travel and tourism to the global economy was US$8.27 trillion in 2015, according to

FinTech — It’s about much more than Money | In FinTech, some Founders and companies are driven to make things like personal financial management

AI & Robotics — No reason to panic, yet | In this March/April issue of Jumpstart magazine, we've scoured the region to bring

Living in Smart Cities — Asia Leading the Move | There’s no doubt that technology rules our lives today. It also rules our

Confronting Gender Issues — What it means to be Female in the Startup Ecosystem | Our genders are a part of our identities. In

Hong Kong VS Singapore VS China — You’re Good, I’m Better | In this issue, Jumpstart has invited experts from the Hong Kong, Singapore

Proudly Made in China — Insider Look into Chinese Manufacturing | “Made in China” is a phrase well-known to the world. For big businesses

Supersize Your Startup — A Look into Accelerators and Funding | The startup scene has grown a lot in the past few years in

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