Monday, March 30, 2020

The OnePillow is the only pillow you’ll ever need   By Jasmine


Unleashing the skepticism within   By Jasmine Chan   Widely considered to be the most high-profile life coach today, there’s no escaping the name ‘Tony Robbins’ when browsing

Personalized goodies that are meaningful and practical gifts for loved ones   By Nayantara Bhat   With a whole new year of birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, and holidays

Entrepreneurial journeys on the road less traveled   By Nayantara Bhat   A leather goods store selling custom fetish wear for the LGBT+ and kink-friendly communities. A thriving

By Min Chen   Founded in 2014, mininch is a Taiwanese industrial design company that makes simple and compact tools to provide elegant solutions for everyday

On living better with less technology   By Khadija Azhar   Many a time I’ve caught myself tumbling down social media rabbit holes–that is, until I feel like

Bite-sized science fiction that packs a punch   By Kelly Cho   Love, Death & Robots (LDR) is an anthology of animated, adult-oriented stories that premiered in March

The hegemony of technology   By Rachel Niblett   Struggling to escape her dreary hometown and ongoing divorce drama, Helen (voiced by Alia Shawkat) gets a job at

A dark allegory in disguise   By Nayantara Bhat   When read literally, Sophie Mackintosh’s The Water Cure is set in a dystopian world where most of the

The most affordable smart stylus on the market   By Min Chen   Advancements in hardware have transformed the digital art space, allowing a new medium for illustrators

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