Thursday, July 2, 2020
The Hottest Take

Hilarious, bite-sized commentary By Jasmine Chan   Bill Simmons is a regular fixture


A subtly provocative use of the podcast medium   By Kelly Cho   Moonface is a six-episode, independent audio drama created by James Kim, an established podcast producer

By Nayantara Bhat   If there’s any genre that the startup community collectively loves, it’s a self-help book, whether it be about negotiation or growth hacking.

By Min Chen   Marketing a product in China is an endeavor that will send chills down any entrepreneur’s spine. The vast market, still full of

The intersection of art and fashion   By Kelly Cho   VIZZ Jewelry, an independent jewelry brand for modern women, was inspired by the idea of integrating contemporary

Coconuts for natural hydration     By Kelly Cho   Vita Coco is a leading brand for coconut water and related products. Founded in 2004 by Mike Kirban and

Key takeaways from Digital Week Online's expert-led online events   By Monika Ghosh and Sharon Lewis   Uvecon.VC, Invest Show, and ECIDE organized 'Digital Week Online' this week,

For women, from startups   By Sharon Lewis   Diamonds may not be every woman’s best friend, but a diamond-studded smartwatch could be.   Women’s lives as consumers are evolving

Eatology's new meal plan offers delights and disappointments in equal measure   By Relena Sei and James Kwan   Eatology is a Hong Kong-based meal plan and food

Hydration station on-the-go   By Min Chen   Effervescent tablets are nothing new, as their origins date back to the late 19th century. Boasting portability and ease-of-use, they

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