Tuesday, April 7, 2020

An Interview with Airmule, making Traveling an Easy Feat

Airmule allows you to sell your unused luggage space. Travelers can get paid by carrying items for third parties. Jumpstart spoke with Rory Felton, Airmule’s founder and chief operating officer about how he envisions to enable anyone to travel the world for free.
What inspired you to start Airmule? Are you keen on traveling?

We founded Airmule because we wanted to enable anyone to travel the world for little to no cost.  We don’t feel that most people travel enough.  People need to travel to have a better understanding of the world we share.  Collectively we have been to 50+ countries and have a great passion for travel.  I had a friend whose dream was to see the ocean. However, I was sad to discover that they believed this feat was out of reach for them. Hopefully, Airmule can help others achieve their dreams with new experiences.

How does Airmule enable anyone to travel the world at low cost/no cost?

Airmule lets travelers sell their luggage space to TSA certified shippers who pay $150 per checked bag space. Airmule also sells discounted tickets when travelers fly as couriers. For example, right now you can purchase a roundtrip airfare between Los Angeles and Beijing/Shanghai for only $299. This is by far the lowest price anyone will
find anywhere!

There are some concerns regarding safety and security. How do you address these problems?

Airmule only works with TSA certified and known shippers.  These businesses are known and regulated by the TSA. All shipments are screened and inspected to ensure they are 100% safe for travel and entry into a country.

How do you envision Airmule re-imagining the aviation and logistic industry?

We are already seeing more and more people traveling with Airmule than otherwise would even travel.  Airlines are selling more tickets because Airmule is operating.  Airmule exists within the logistics ecosystem, utilizing UPS, FedEx and SF Express for first and last mile delivery. These companies are receiving more shipments locally because Airmule is operating.  We’re actually breathing more life into both industries!

Any exciting plans ahead? 

Airmule will continue to grow our major channel between USA and China, open up additional cities within both countries and reach out to additional countries so that our travelers and shippers can benefit from the network effect.





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