Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Interview with Air Button, a customizable button on your mobile device

Interview with the founders of Air Button, a customizable button on your mobile device helps you access 30+ functions with a single press of a button – now on Kickstarter.

Tell about the Air Button. How did this product/project come about?

Air Button is a battery-free wireless shortcut button for NFC Android phone, it helps people control smartphone in simple one click and it’s highly customizable. The original idea was conceived to help elders, with an emergency button in the case they need to contact someone quickly.

What’s your personal background?

I graduated from CityU in 2012 and studied electronics and communication engineering. This is my first business venture, but i am not new to ideas and innovation During my time at the university, I participated in seven competitions related to technology and innovation. I was lucky enough to receive a prizes in all of them. There something about turning a simple idea into a reality that really intrigues me.

Why did you choose Kickstarter? 

It took me and my team awhile to finally decide to launch on Kickstarter vs. Indiegogo. Of course, both platform have pros and cons, but we ultimately selected Kickstarter as our launch platform because they were the original crowdfunding platform and have a bigger community around the world which can help us reach more of our potential backers.

Tell us about the manufacturing process. What did you learn?

This is the most difficult part for us as we are newbies when it comes to product manufacturing. I would say this part took the most time for us. We had to overcome many hurdles, such as sourcing the right manufacturer, trying different manufacturing methods, and product QC. We had to go back and forth several times which ended up taking almost a year to confirm everything.

What surprised you about your crowd funding campaign?

We were most surprised by how much media coverage we’ve gotten after we launched our campaign. We gotten featured in media all around the world, some of which we can only dream of. But, I think the best part was all the media coverage ultimately validated our idea and made us believe that all our hard work has paid off. We have created a product that people around the world would love to have their phone.

What’s the best startup advice you’ve received?

Stay focused on your core business, don’t let other projects disturb you.

How do you plan to fulfill the orders? What’s next for Air Button?

We already secured the mass production process so that we would like to deliver Air Button to all backers in the coming months. In the future, we will keep supporting Air Button and also keep developing new products based on the Air Button technology. We’re actually already in the process of developing our next product, so please keep an eye out for us!

For more info, visit air-button.com

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