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A Revolutionary Home Management Service

SINGAPORE (09 May 2017) – Butler In Suits is a home management company that began its operations in September 2016. The startup was founded on the idea of elevating the lifestyle of homeowners by providing a service that helps them manage their homes better. With 94.4% of the Singaporean population residing in apartments, Butler In Suits hopes to be the go-to solution in getting their customers’ home managed. It is a new alternative to existing solutions such as hiring a live-in domestic helper, part-time helper, or managing their homes themselves.

Butler In Suits help their customers manage their home by facilitating and handling processes such as mail collection, apartment cleaning, laundries, and grocery shopping every week through professional home managers.

24-year-old entrepreneur Poon Da Qian, the founder and CEO of Butler In Suits, found that on average, Millennials living without helpers spend more than 8 hours of their time managing their home every week. Hence, with Butler In Suits’ professional home management services, millennials are able to free up 8 hours of their time.

Trust and Security is important for every customer. Taking into account the importance of trust and security, Butler In Suits implements a stringent hiring process with thorough background checks on their home managers, who are hired full-time by the startup. The startup goes the extra mile of assuring their customers by adding a $1m insurance coverage for all customers’ homes during the service.

Customer Benefits Butler In Suits’ customers will be able to get the best product or service ordered through Butler In Suits with their “retail pricing or below” policy.

“With Butler In Suits managing my home, I am now able to spend time on weekends doing the activities that I’ve missed out previously,” says Nicholas, a satisfied customer of Butler In Suits.

Butler In Suits has made an impression in the startup community regionally, thus gaining the attention of media platforms such as E27, Vulcan Post, Yahoo News and others.

Butler In Suits offers 3 types of subscription, 1 visit each week at $240/month, 2 visits each week at $440/month, and a 3 visits at $600/month.

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