Wednesday, May 27, 2020

4-Day Camp on Money orientation and Entrepreneurship

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Pinnacle is organizing a 4-day camp on Money orientation and entrepreneurship for 8-11 year olds. These workshops will cover the history of money, credit-cards savings, budgeting, and more through interactive games. A guest-speaker will talk about entrepreneurship, how entrepreneurs work and what costs/profits mean. There will be a practical ” Business Lab” Training where kids get a table to a Christmas Fair for one-hour each and have to sell a product or a service. This will be an opportunity for them to practically translate into real life all the theory they have heard. Pinnacle has a cancer-fund as a partner, where they can donate a part of their earnings from the fair, and learn about participative charity.

The dates are 8th/9th Nov, 15th/16th Nov. We work in small groups so there are limited seats. Contact [email protected] for more information.
Market day Camp 1-2

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