Wednesday, May 27, 2020

$100 MBA Show

100 MBA Show

The $100 MBA Show’s host Omar Zenhom strives to defy traditional business education through his daily ten-minute podcasts addressing real problems entrepreneurs face, and offering valuable lessons through engaging but casual conversations. Having started multiple ventures himself, such as WebinarNinja, Zenhom begins each episode by drawing upon anecdotes from either his own business or other startups. He credits his background in education for his ability to develop the episodes, which he calls ‘online courses.’ 


The podcast covers a diverse range of topics, from money-saving tips to dealing with failure. Instead of regurgitating tedious business theories and concepts like growth hacking, Zenhom provides listeners with refreshing and practical takeaways, and inspires them to overcome the everyday struggles of running a company. This approach has undoubtedly helped him gain his loyal following of 100,000 daily listeners. 


The episode titled ‘Is It Okay to Lower Prices?’ attempts to solve a structural dilemma faced by entrepreneurs. Zenhom discusses the common mistake of keeping product pricing too low in the beginning, which can sway customer perception of the product. The appropriate measure, he suggests, is to experiment with higher pricing first and then offer lower prices in the future. Such episodes show how the podcast may present new perspectives for entrepreneurs to consider. 


Though the podcast is relevant for those who are currently on the journey of building a startup, it may be a stretch to consider it an alternative to an MBA. After all, there is a stark difference between solid business advice and business education. Thus, The $100 MBA Show is perfect for young entrepreneurs who want to gain startup know-how on-the-go, without having to commit to years of education. –YS

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