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10 Highest Grossing Crowdfunding Campaigns from Hong Kong

When people think of crowdfunding, they tend to associate it with big campaigns like the Pebble Time Smartwatch (made 20 Million!) generating global buzz on Kickstarter. But did you know that Hong Kong has an active crowdfunding scene too? What was once a dream can turn into reality – here are a few examples of top 10 successful crowdfunding campaigns from our favorite city.

Nowadays, it seems like the only content that can attract people’s attention is shallow and sloppy reporting. Whatever happened to the true meaning of journalism? Labeled as Hong Kong’s first and foremost news agency, Factwire is all about serious reporting and free flow of information. Turns out there are still some true believers of investigative journalism, because in September 2015, Factwire raised $587,892 USD making it the highest grossing crowd funding campaign in HK — and the best part is it was raised on, Hong Kong’s very own crowdfunding platform.

Dust: Operation Babylon

Dust: Operation Babylon may look like Risk (the board game) at first glance. The story is based on the Blutkreuz Korps discovering records of an ancient alien energy source hidden in Mesopotamia in April 1947, of which they start working on plans to recover it. There must be something special about this game, because in June of 2014, they raised $469,314 USD on Kickstarter – over 9 times their original goal!


Looks can be deceiving and that’s certainly true for Bookniture. What looks like a book on the outside, when opened, it transforms into a piece of multifunctional furniture. You can choose to use this light and portable furniture as a stool, a nightstand, or a reading corner. In March of 2015, the campaign raised $449,969 USD on Kickstarter.

Journey: Wrath of Demons

With the vast array of online games currently available, you’d think that people would turn away from board games, but apparently the board game scene is more active than ever. Journey: Wrath of Demons is a cooperative miniatures board game for 1-4 players. As the name suggests, there are demons involved, and it’s your mission to save the world from their evil wrath. This campaign turned out to be a huge success, because in November of 2013, Journey they raised $425,553 USD on Kickstarter –  almost 8 times their original goal.


They say good things come in small packages – Wondercube is the world’s smallest all-in-one mobile solution that acts as a phone stand, portable charger, USB device, flash memory and LED torch. It’s amazing how all this fits into a one-inch cube, and on top of that, it can be used as a fancy keyring too. In May go 2015, the campaign raised $306,779 USD on Indiegogo – over four times the original goal.


People use dual SIM cards more often than you think, especially when travelling overseas. Instead of fumbling around and changing your SIM card on your smartphone, PIECE aims to provide a hassle-free solution and take dual SIM technology to the next level. Designed to fit in your wallet, the thin and sleek PIECE allows you to add an extra phone number to your smartphone via Bluetooth technology. PIECE is definitely a gamechanger, because in September of 2015, the campaign raised $304,338 USD on Kickstarter – over 11 times their original goal!


Scooters may seem like a blast from the past, but VOMO makes you rethink the entire concept. By providing a light and affordable electric vehicle, you can scoot through the streets smoothly without pedestrian traffic cramping your style. Turns out everyone had the same idea in mind of getting away from the crowds, because VOMO raised $290,577 USD on Indiegogo in July of 2015 – over 7 times the original goal.


Who doesn’t love good quality music? Aumeo coins itself as the world’s first tailored audio device – it maps the hearing print of each ear, then tailors the sound into listening frequencies and creates the optimal sound for each user. Due to high demand, in July of 2015, the campaign raised $284,203 USD on Indiegogo, over 6 times the original goal.

Holga Digital
Every hipster in Hong Kong is bound to know about Holga – it’s a vintage camera that makes your photos look as good as Instagram filters. To revive this retro camera and bring it into the modern age, Holga Digital comes with a SD card that allows you to upload photos onto any device. In October of 2015, the campaign successfully raised $242,400 USD on Kickstarter and brought the vintage charm back to life.

Ting Wai Monastery

Living in the hustle and bustle of the city, some may find it hard to remain zen and grounded. In 1921, the High Priest Rev. Tsang Sau established the Orchid Garden to teach Buddhism and in the early 1930’s, a new temple called Ting Wai Monastery was built next to it. Despite going through extensive renovation in 1988, the main structure is still at risk of collapse due to weather erosion and termites infestation. Turns out that Hong Kong people believe spirituality is worth fighting for, because in three short months, Ting Wai Monastery successfully raised $175,337 USD on Fringerbacker in September of 2015.

Nowadays we have more digital content than before – you can choose to store it on your computer, but eventually it’ll run out of space. This is where Ezeecube comes in – it acts as a mini computer that wirelessly backs up all your photos and creates your own personal cloud device that can be connected to any kind of device. In August of 2014, Ezeecube raised $160,410 USD on Indiegogo – almost double of their original goal.


The more electronical devices we own, the more power we require to charge them on the go. Can your powerbank currently charge your smartphone, iPod and iPad to 100%? Fishbone is the saviour to this charging problem – it provides a unique wire organizing feature and can charge virtually any electronic device. Turns out this gadget is high on demand in the market, which is why in September of 2015, Fishbone raised $142,041 USD on Indiegogo, three times their original goal.

Zcan wireless

Due to the advance in technology, many devices have multiple functions now, but who thought a computer mouse could turn into a mobile scanner too? Known as the world’s first wireless scanner mouse, Zcan wireless aims to give users freedom and boost their productivity by allowing them to scan hard copy documents with a few swipes. In August of 2014, the campaign raised a total of $138,464 USD on Indiegogo – which was triple their original goal.





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