【Immediately Release】Newly launched 24-hour seafood delivery APP Fresh Go. Revolutionise conventional multi-tier distribution model in seafood industry with technology. Order seafood from Aberdeen Fish Wholesale Market to your door in 3-hour is just one-click away

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[24th December 2019]

Still struggling with a perfect timing for fresh seafood in wet market? Or getting suspicious of encountering dishonest stall hawker when you shop? These concepts have been out-of-date. With Fresh Go, you can now enjoy the precious first-hand fish catch and the first batch of seafood shipped to Hong Kong by air at fingertips. Fully backed up by Hong Kong Chamber of Seafood Merchants Limited, Fresh Go sets up its own shop in Aberdeen Fish Market, which accounts for 70% of the fish wholesale sales in Hong Kong. Fresh Go revolutionises the conventional seafood industry by providing direct delivery of seafood from the fish market to customer’s home. Grasping the concept of “one click go fresh”, Fresh Go integrates the traditional shopping pattern with technology. By employing the 24-hour live broadcast purchase and delivery service, as well as the special fish bag pumped with oxygen and special formula, also the complimentary processing service, the freshness and hygiene of ingredients are highly guaranteed, which thus brings a more convenient choice to consumers who are accustomed to traditional consumption behaviour. Fresh Go takes our users a step ahead to taste the freshest by garnering the rarest, the highest quality and the most diversified seafood around the world.

Live broadcast of the seafood – Check out the freshness, quality and weight of seafood instantly

Seeing is believing. In the past decades, while online seafood shopping may be a less reassuring option with more uncertainties, consumers are used to visit the wet market and choose their favourite seafood in person because they can check the weight of merchants by pound in the wet market. Co-founder of Fresh Go, Mr. Mui Man Bok, is determined to revolutionise this traditional practice.“We aspire to integrate daily lives with technology through Fresh Go. The pioneering 24-hour live broadcast function for seafood purchase breaks the limitations of online shopping by making the process more transparent, which users are allowed to pick the seafood in real time on app, with the staff weighing the product subsequently to ensure its freshness and quality. Our vision is to address the problems with technology. By combining the merits of visible merchants in conventional shopping, as well as the time saving feature and direct delivery function of online shopping, Fresh Go creates a more convenient and reassuring seafood purchasing experience to our users.” Mr. Mui Man Bok asserted.